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Document Translation Services in South Africa

The importance of being earnest… in communication. No matter who you are, what business, organisation or brand you manage in today’s globalised and socialised environment, clarity and inclusivity plays a major role in your success. And through expert help offering document translation services in South Africa, you know you’re on the right track to getting everyone on the same page.

The Name of The Game

Document translation services is more than just rewording a message on paper and sending it back. Translations are done by professional human translators and reviewed by a second translator/reviewer for optimal accuracy. Documents are delivered in the same format and page layout as the original documents, and you also receive a signed translation certificate of accuracy with each translated document.

Document translation requires cultural and local understanding of a language and even more importantly, the accurate and efficient translation of technical words and context of the situation, especially in legal and corporate communication. One small misunderstanding and someone can pay a hefty price. This is especially important in the legal system. When it comes to taking testimonies, affidavits, and other legal documents, the translator cannot literally translate word-for-word. The nuances need to be accounted for.

When it comes to comprehensive understanding of often critical information, it’s of the utmost importance that nothing, literally, gets lost in translation. The sectors that most commonly need our services include medical, legal, commerce, and sport.

Other forms of communication that require quality document translation services include content that is first communicated in one’s mother tongue and then simultaneously translated in real-time to capture the audience. These fields or platforms include YouTube and TikTok videos, as well as international bloggers and  content creators who manage their business online and host their content to a global audience.

Why document translation is so important in South Africa

South Africa is a melting pot of cultures, languages, people and businesses. According to Day Translations, South Africa is in the top four most diverse countries in the world. Standing next to Madagascar and Democratic Republic of Congo, Papua New Guinea leads with a population fewer than 9 million people but hosting 12% of existing languages.

In multi-cultural South Africa, we have an extremely optimistic drive for business and attracting global investors to our shores for growth. Despite the recent economic setbacks, there is an underdog spirit that keeps us moving forward and expanding businesses and opportunities where possible.

This comes with the opportunity and responsibility to create inclusive environments for all stakeholders to understand and communicate with confidence, especially when local becomes foreign.

South Africa is also one of the most cost-effective destinations in the world to host global gatherings as well as housing and living costs, therefore translation and interpretation services is more often required than expected.

Imagine a foreigner trying to purchase land in South Africa, but the essential documents to review and sign, mind the pun, is all Greek to the buyer. Or a divorce taking place across borders and in different languages – this requires the expert help of technical translators with legal background who can offer professional translation.

DMME, More Than a Translation Company

We are languages. It’s in our blood and it’s what we’re passionate about as a translation agency with interpreting services. Regardless of the subject matter, our teams work fast and efficient with high quality turn around. This includes high quality proof-reading and copy editing as well.

As a document translation services company in South Africa, we are fully accredited and in operation for over 12 years, having created a legacy that is testament to our services. At the most competitive prices we take the extra step to refine the work at hand and offer high-quality document translation services that fully meet your needs.

With fundamental understanding of local laws and their implications, we provide sworn (legally certified and binding) translations and a fully committed after-sales service, should you have any concerns or require additional aid.

And unlike other translation companies, we also offer Academic Document Editing, translator courses, as well as renting out simultaneous interpretation systems & AV equipment.

So yes, we are more than just your average translations services agency, we see the importance of our work and encourage anyone interested to pursue document translation services in South Africa as it is a very rewarding field of work.


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