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Academic Document Editing
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  Professional Copy-Editing and Proofreading

DMME language specialists, focus on editing and proofreading the following types of academic documents:

  • Graduate research documents
  • Masters dissertation and thesis documents
  • PhD dissertation and thesis documents
  • MBA dissertation and thesis documents

Our accredited and certified copy-editors will help you turn drafts into professional academic documents that will assist in achieving your educational objective. With us, your documents will be taken seriously by your peers, supervisors, mentors, lecturers, faculty, and the grading council. We aim to save you time and substantiate your authority.

We provide you with a full academic copy-editing and proofreading service that include:

  • Correcting all spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  • Checking for overall logic and consistency throughout the document.
  • Ensuring clarity, sentence and paragraph structure as well as overall style.
  • Checking that illustrations, tables, and captions are correctly presented.
  • Confirming that page numbers are in consecutive order, and that chapter headings and page numbers correctly match the table contents and indices.
  • As an additional, optional service, we offer fact and reference checking.

DMME, as a standard operating procedure, signs non-disclosure agreements with clients to ensure anonymity and give you peace of mind that your documents are in good hands. Rest assured, that one of our academic specialists will offer you the best solution for your editing and proofreading needs.

Our copy-editors are accredited and certified.

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Only files permitted are .doc(x), .ppt, .xls , jpg or .pdf

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