Being an interpreter or translator is a specialised field of work. Being a specialised area of expertise therefore means those who wish to practice are advised to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to offer quality services but also to earn credibility and trust in the eyes of clients and, by extension, enhance the chances of being employed. Below are some of the institutions where courses in this field can be done.

Wits Language School – Wits is a renowned learning institution offering various training programs. This university assists students on how to translate written documents, interpret in court, at conferences, in the public service. Language combinations considered include Afrikaans, South African Sign Language, a European Language or an Asian language. Learners can take these short courses on a part-time basis or take advantage of the fact that they are credit bearing towards a Diploma in Legal Interpreting, an Honours/MA in interpreting or translation. Added benefits of studying with Wits include the online learning platform and contact teaching.

Durban University of Education -This institution has designed a program that seeks to provide a strong translation, interpreting and linguistic base to learners by instilling a broad cultural and linguistic understanding within the context of South Africa’s multilingual and multicultural context. Entry requirement for this course is a National Diploma in Translation and Interpreting Practice.

Central University of Technology in Free State – This learning institution which lies in the heart of the Free State province offers a National Diploma in Language practice which equips one to be a translator or interpreter. This course which runs for three years offers subjects such as language dynamics, language and translation practice, intercultural studies, public speaking etc.
Other institutions one can consider include Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, North West University, Tshwane University of Technology, University of Johannesburg, University of Limpopo, University of South Africa and University of Stellenbosch.

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