France which is also called the French republic is an influential European country. With a population which is about one-fifth of Europe’s total population, it also stands as one of the most industrialised countries of the world. This country’s history in Africa can also not be erased off the geographical or historical map.

French presence in Africa dates back to many centuries ago when they occupied a great chunk of the African continent with former colonies being countries like Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Niger, Senegal, Chad and others.

Apart from the historical political influence, it is this country’s modern day economic influence which is a marvel to watch. In South Africa, France has taken the position of being the 9th largest investor with almost 300 French companies operating in South Africa and employing about 28,000 South Africans. The stock value of French direct investment is rated at R9.4 billion. Apart from this economic value, there is also a huge influx of French expertise coming to the shores of South Africa. Such a heavy presence of this European community brings into spotlight the need for Frenchtranslation and interpretation services.

These translation and interpretation services are critical for the business community as well as other experts. For the business community, it allows them to quickly engage local businessmen and accurately communicate their business agenda without being misunderstood. For other professional experts like doctors or even engineers, with good translation and interpretation skills at their disposal, they can provide services and trade their skills with ease.

The match between the Frenchcommunity and the translation and interpretation community is one of the essence.

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