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Commemorating international translators day

international translators day

The translation industry in South Africa has come a long way and grown in leaps and bounds over the years. Under the umbrella and custodianship of the South African Translators Institute (SATI) which was formed in 1956, this noble profession has continued to be key in many spheres of daily life and society.

On the back of the international translators’ day, it is necessary to highlight some of the goals achieved and steps taken to steer this profession forward. This day should also serve as a moment of reflection for many to acknowledge translation as a vehicle for social nation building and cohesion. People from across the country should have a reason to celebrate the aspect of language rights being part of their broader democratic rights.

Since inception and recognition, the translation profession has taken centre stage of promoting language excellence in the form of clarity of thought and expression, translators are now accredited with a solid adoption of code of ethic and these professionals now receive support both in their occupational lives and as members of a multi-cultural and dynamic society.
This day is also a moment of celebration with regards to the adoption of the use of Official Languages Act 2012.This act requires that all national departments, public enterprises and entities should adopt language policies and establish language units to ensure that members of the public can access government information in the official language of their choice.
The adoption of the South African Language practitioners Council Act 2014 is another feat worth celebrating this year. This Act regulates the language profession in areas such as the accreditation, training and employment of language practitioners.

From the above achievements and steps, it is reasonable to conclude that translators and the field of translation are worth celebrating and commemorating.

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