Languages of the world are filled with intrigue and interesting statistics. Below are some of them in the broader sense of world languages.
Artificial Languages – Artificial languages are fictional languages and there are 12 fictional languages mentioned in Lord of the Rings. These languages include Quenya and Sindarin. It’s estimated that between 500,000 to 2,000,000 people speak Esperanto which is an international language created in the 19th century. Furbish is the official language of the 1990’s children’s toy and 35,000 is the number of words in the Talossan language.

Translation and Cooperation – The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights has been translated in 300 languages earning the record as the worlds most translated document. The UN itself has 6 official languages and the European Union has 24 official and working languages. The holy bible is available in 2,454 languages and it’s followed in close second by the Pinocchio book.
Language Mix – Current records show that there are 830 languages in Papua New Guinea.The Frisian which is native to part of the Netherlands is the easiest language for English speakers to learn. Argentina is the only other country in the world where Welsh is spoken alongside Wales because of Welsh immigrants who settled in Argentina in 1865. Basque is the language spoken around the Pyrenees in France and Spain and it’s the only language in Europe not to be related to any other known language.

Smallest, Largest, Oldest and other Records – The famous song ‘earth passport’ sang by liquid blue holds the record for the chart song sung in the most languages of nine.125 is the number of languages an Indian man recorded a song in and released as a double CD in 2009. South Africa holds the record for the most official languages in one country with 11. 4500BC is the date for the oldest written language to have been found in China on Yangshao culture pottery.11-12 is the number of letters in the smallest alphabet and 74 is the number of letters in the largest alphabet.

Quick ones – Cryptophasia is the name given to the private languages often developed between twins. Dord is a word meaning density which was discovered in the Merriam-Webster dictionary in 1939.9 is the number of languages the pope tweets in and it has the most followers followed by English. German and English are the two languages which were voted the best for graduates to learn to help enhance their prospect of getting a job. German is the language thought to be the most similar to English followed by French and Russian. Polyglot is the name for a person who can speak or write in a number of different languages. United States has no official language and Latin is the language you can find on cash machines in Vatican City, etc.

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