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How can we define Google’s relationship with the translation industry?


The Google search engine is arguably the most efficient and effective technological tool that has immensely affected the research, management and exchange of information across board. With its ability to be a multilingual facility, it provides much needed information to different demographics. Its language flexibility is stretched even further with the Google translate service.

Google Translate is a free, multilingual statistical machine translation service that translates text from one language to the other. While Google Translate has proven to be effective in translating different languages and has become a handy tool for beginners of new languages, it has also been discovered that it’s not a perfect translation service because it does not apply grammatical rules, since its algorithms are based on statistical analysis rather than traditional rule based analysis.

Google’s ability to stay in tune and in tandem with the development of languages around the world has also been brought into question. It has been proven that language is dynamic and it constantly evolves and develops and certain languages have offshoots of dialects spoken in other parts of the world, So Google is yet to get to a point where it can keep up to speed with all these language dynamics.

It therefore means human translation service offered by companies like D Millennium Multi Events (DMME) is the most reliable and accurate way of translating text. It can then be concluded that Google has the potential and ability to provide the necessary help and foundation for those beginning to learn new languages but enough time and investment should be put in to develop translation skills. For business firms or even individuals looking for credible translation of their text, human translation services is the trusted and efficient method to use.
Google translate website can be found here.

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