Africa is a continent of diversity with different countries each with its own languages, culture and other forms of expression. South Africa is a key social and economic giant on the African continent. Just like many countries, the country also has its own rich intra border diversity of language, culture, food etc.

While diversity is very healthy in any society, this diversity especially in language has hampered on the efforts by national governments towards regional integration. In South Africa, the differences in language have hampered on ethnic social cohesion but even more importantly the growth and expansion of business into certain areas where African languages rather than English is the medium of communication.

The above scenario points to the need to cultivate more translators into African languages. D Millennium Multi Events(DMME) who are a renowned company providing translation services have for some time now committed themselves to this particular cause. This commitment by DMME has come from the realisation that business needs translators in African languages because in areas where African languages are dominant, a product or service presented in a local language goes a long way in enforcing the idea that the marketed product or service recognises the language and culture of the local people and the business organisation involved is patriotic.

DMME also believes their expertise is desperately needed because the translation industry still faces challenges like lack of technical dictionaries, glossaries and phrase books especially for scientific sectors like mining and the medical field.

With many years of industry experience, DMME is managing to fill this void for African translation by providing translators for all languages as well as other foreign languages. DMME is also sharing its expertise with African translators for short, medium and long term projects in different spheres of life as well as sectors of the economy.

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