Sport has historically proven to be a catalyst for a healthy population and effective social cohesion. Personal and health benefits of sports include enhanced immune system, better mental health, stimulant for character building and self-confidence etc. Sports teams and gatherings have also exhibited more than any other social grouping to have the ability to unite people beyond race, language and social background because the love for sports transcends national borders.

Soccer in particular has become the tip of the global sporting iceberg. Soccer World Cups for decades now have become a melting pot for culture and languages. The differences in languages have seen professional interpreters take an integral role in the communication strategy of this global showpiece.

The forthcoming 2014 Soccer World Cup in Brazil will once again present a great opportunity for interpretation services to be put to good use because visiting dignitaries and teams will need professional interpretation services to understand their immediate social environment as well as other visitors.
D Millennium Multi Events (DMME) has attained reasonable and credible experience with events of this nature especially considering the fact that the 2010 world cup was held in South Africa. Experience has shown that during this event, there is a greater demand for conference interpretation and liaison interpretation for the exchange of information between soccer players and coaches and generally the media. Simultaneous interpretation has also been used quite often during this event. For teams and other fans to a foreign country, liaison interpretation in what is now fashioned as “escort interpretation” has come in handy while exploring the host country and its heritage.

DMME has therefore positioned itself as a provider of such services but also contributing to building capacity for the local interpreters industry in South Africa.

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