The role that language plays in life can never be over emphasised. Whether it’s in the academic, social, spiritual or business setting, language is one of the main ways in which people communicate with each other in written or spoken word. Language therefore makes human beings make sense of their own personal experiences as well as other people’s experiences. Effective communication is therefore a two way avenue which involves the sender and the recipient of the message.

However in this diverse world with people from different social and cultural backgrounds who speak different languages, the factor of language if not managed properly can be a hindrance to the advancement of social cohesion as well as business growth and corporation between people from different parts of the world with different languages.
The above scenario was the motivation behind D Millennium Multi Events (DMME) offering a range of interpretation services. DMME offers unrivalled types of interpretation such as simultaneous, consecutive, whisper and liaison.

Simultaneous interpretation is the kind of interpretation done orally and at the same rate of speech as the speaker. Consecutive interpretation is where the interpreter waits for the speaker to finish a sentence or an idea and then renders the speaker’s words into the target language. Whisper interpretation as the word indicates is about an interpreter translating to one particular individual in a meeting by whispering in a low voice what’s being said at the meeting. Liaison interpretation is normally used between two people or small groups of people who speak different languages and it’s often referred to as sentence by sentence interpretation.

The above mentioned services are offered in various languages like English, French, German, Danish, Czech, Cantonese, Bulgarian, Bengali, Arabic, Afrikaans, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Kiswahili, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Zulu, Xhosa, Shona, Sesotho etc.
DMME is a reliable business house in this sector of the business with the experience to understand the nature of the industry, we also provide professional accredited interpreters at a competitive price. We also provide a coordinator on site at no extra charge and being flexible with our clients is a value we cherish.

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