In the world of business, it is said getting affiliated should be one of the first steps towards winning and achieving success just like diplomacy in politics is one of the initial steps towards victory. Business affiliations and memberships have proven to be a great catalyst in gaining and increasing trust, authority and influence among industry players as well as consumers.

Affiliations, memberships and awards have also proven to emphasise the value that a particular organisations adds to the industry and how it’s perceived by consumers and competitors.

It is from this background that D Millennium Multi Events has found itself being affiliated with prestigious organisations like the South African Translators Institute (SATI) and the Southern African Association for the Conference Industry (SAACI).

With a current membership of 800 people, South African Translators Institute (SATI) was founded in 1956 with an initial membership of only 18 people. Over the years, this noble professional body has stuck to its ideals of giving the translation profession status and pride and ensure the attainment of honour among other professions is achieved. SATI has also continued to protect its members and the public at large who use translation services.

The Southern African Association for the Conference Industry (SAACI) was founded in 1987. It is considered to be a section 21 company and it happens to be the mother body of the conference industry of South Africa. Its mission is to maintain and improve industry levels of professionalism and efficiency. Its members include Professional Conference Organisers (PCO’s), Destination Management Companies, Event Management Companies, Hotels, Conference Venues etc.

The service provision excellence levels exhibited by DMME has enabled it to be recognised by industry authorities, this can only point to one thing, D Millennium Multi Events (DMME) is a credible and reputable business organisation.

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